How to influence a potential customer that you’ve never met

If you’re currently putting together remote sales proposals, then — as we’ve discussed before — you’ll want to make sure that your content comes across as personalized and authentically as possible.

This post will help you to do just that.

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Building a business case to purchase a content experience platform

You know that it’s time your business adopted a content management system (CMS). Your colleagues might too. But you still need some reasons to convince upper management that now is the right time to do so.

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What makes a content experience effective?

How do you create an effective content experience? Here's our how-to guide and best practices.

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Using microsites for account based marketing

Account based marketing (ABM) is an effective means of targeting individual accounts, or a set of them, rather than an entire market. ABM is more than just a buzzword — it’s a total re-invention of the typical marketing paradigm that involves laser focusing on a few high priority prospects rather than giving passing attention to many at a time.

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Taking your sales presentations online – design do’s and don’ts

Both microsites and static resources can be deployed effectively during remote sales engagements. In fact, static content can be interspersed throughout microsites. Knowing when to use which depends on whether the audience is going to read your text in a linear or non-linear fashion.

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Sales in the time of COVID-19

Maybe discretionary spending is a little lower, and as a result perhaps our sales cycle is a little longer. And maybe this really is the end. The end of transactional, impersonal selling, and the beginning of a type of sales where we lean into our humanity and understand each other a whole lot better.

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