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Your brand is everything. It’s a promise you make to customers. It creates trust with clients. It helps motivate your employees. And most importantly, it is what makes your company unique within the marketplace. In digital sales today, most would say it’s critical to have all of these pieces woven together seamlessly.

And if those aren’t reasons enough to protect your brand identity, a solid brand also helps you generate most customers and more revenue.

Why branding matters

There’s a million case studies out there of what makes a great brand. Everyone knows Warby Parker because they donate one pair for every pair they sell. The world rediscovered milk with a single line in the 1990’s: Got Milk? 

The stronger your brand is, the more recognition you’ll receive within your industry. It goes beyond your font styles and logo and instead your focus should be on recognition.

Let’s use TOMS Shoes as an example of a strong brand structure and how it’s properly implemented.

It creates a consistent client or customer experience

The Warby Parker brand has always stood by their “One for One” motto. Make sure your company has a mission statement that remains true throughout a client’s lifecycle and is one that your employees rally behind.

It fosters awareness, recognition and loyalty

Not only does Warby Parker tell you who they are, but they also show you. They constantly share stories of their trips donating eyeglasses to those in need. They honor their mission and in turn, they’ve created brand loyalists. Consider how you can do the same with your brand so that each client you have will want to share their experiences with others.

It underpins your company values

One of the Warby Parker’s values is that they are in business to improve lives. That’s pretty powerful stuff. If you can let clients know what type of values your company has while you show them the value you can add to their lives, this will help make your brand stand out and be memorable.

It evokes trust

A solid brand has enough recognition and awareness that people trust that what you say you’re offering, you will actually get. I know based on thousands of reviews and video testimonials that Warby Parker’s eyeglasses won’t disappoint. If you can get your brand to a level of trust, it will continue to grow your business’ bottom line.

It differentiates you from the competition

There’s been a million knockoffs of Warby Parker’s eyeglasses. But there’s only one company that actually gives away a pair with every pair sold. Consider what your differentiator is. Maybe it’s that your experience with a client begins with a microsite and allows you to have a powerful, customized connection to your client from the beginning through to the end.

Begin with a digital sales proposal

We’re in the business of digital sales proposals, but we’re also a company that has many years experience in advising clients on how to best increase brand engagement across thousands of microsites. 

It’s why we know firsthand that a digital sales strategy is a strong first step to differentiating your brand and building your business in a profitable way.

Here’s how a digital bid proposal (which we also refer to as a microsite here at Zoomforth) can help protect and grow your brand identity.

  • You’ll have access to built-in style guides to ensure your brand’s fonts, colors and styling is easily accessible so your communications to a client consistently conveys your brand identity
  • Templates to help teams keep messaging and style consistent across the company, whether you’re all gathered in one place or you’re a business with multiple headquarters spread out across the world
  • A variety of multimedia options to enable you to humanize the proposal with an ‘About Us’ video, demonstrate your values with a note from your CEO and feature designs like quote blocks with testimonials from past clients
  • Underline your credentials and build trust by sharing relevant articles and news resources that you can collect for each client’s needs
  • You aren’t just walking the talk about being a digital sales pioneer in your industry—you’re actually doing it  


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